The Root Cellar | On the Menu
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On the Menu

Bar Menu
We’re a bar!  Young humans 12 and older only and accompanied by an adult, por favor!

The Gnosh

Chips, Guac & Salsa • 7.95
the corn chips are tasty; the salsa’s homemade; chef’s guacamole es muy delicioso: #forthewinCharcuiterie & Cheese • 15.95
dry aged salami, pistachio mortadella, prosciutto, Gruyère, triple cream brie, sharp cheddar, herb focaccia, cornichon, peppadew, kalamata olives, chutney, mustard

The Soup

French Onion au Gratin • 6.50
homemade beef and chicken stocks, white wine, fresh herbs, crouton, Gruyère and provolone
available with gluten-free crouton or dairy free cheese

The Salad

Root Cellar Salad • 6.95
organic greens, campari, tomato, carrot ribbon, celery, steamed potato, red onion + red wine vinaigrette
add: chicken +4.95  •  falafel +5.75  •  salmon +6.00

The Panini
served with petit side salad or kettle-style potato chips

French Dip • 13.95
slow-roasted medium-rare thinly sliced grass-finished angus beef on a French baguette served with bone marrow au jus and horseradish on the side; add Swiss +2.00Cubano • 12.95
Freshly roasted, shredded citrus pork roast and thinly sliced black forest ham with sliced dill pickle, Jarlsberg swiss and our house-made grainy mustard blissfully toasted on a torpedo roll.Achiote Chicken • 12.95
Fresh, all-natural chicken breast is marinated in achiote, cinnamon & garlic, grilled, sliced and layered on a French baguette with New Mexico green chile, pepper jack cheese, pineapple citrus cilantro slaw and blackened jalapeño aioli.Dutch Chicken • 12.50
Fresh chicken breast is marinated in lime juice, garlic, cilantro & seeded serranos, grilled and layered with havarti, arugula and local apple butter on a French baguette.Roasted Veggie • 12.50
Roasted crimini mushrooms, broccoli, grilled zucchini, fried eggplant, roasted red bell peppers, arugula, toasted grated cauliflower & a smear of goat cheese pesto wrapped in lavash and toasted on the panini press. Served with a side of Romesco {puréed roasted red bell pepper, almonds and hazelnuts}.

The Refreshments

Zia Root Beer, bottle • 2.50
Zia Ginger Beer, bottle • 2.50
S.Pellegrino 750ml • 6.00
orange juice • 3.95